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Luna SeaTM

Glide among H2O molecules in our underground water park. Check out our VolcanoTube Slide! Definitely a thRille.

Bar 'N RilleTM

C'mon in! But don't get Crater'd on our special vintage of LunarLodge Moonshine. Enjoy a taste or two but then settle back and relax with a cup of soothing LunarLodge Gravi-Tea.

Feed the jukebox and listen to our excellent selection of LunaTunes.

Lunar LoungeTM

Get an ey
eful as you gaze out our picture window and dine on a slice of Amore Pizza Pi. In a hurry? Grab one of our delicious LunaFish sandwiches. Made on our own LunarLounge Earthrise Bread. Taste the difference 1/8th  gravity makes.